Monty’s Deli Hoxton

Firstly, what a delight.

Now. People tend to compare Monty’s to Katz’s Deli in New York and I think that’s sort of innacurate. Getting a sandwich at Katz’ is an ordeal.  They’ve got this weird stressful ticketing system, the queues are wild and it’s impossible to get a seat at the ‘I’ll have what she’s having table’. That being said, Katz’ do the best Rueben in the world. I haven’t eaten there in 5 years and I can still remember in precise detail the taste and texture of those sandwiches, so overall the ordeal is worth it. Monty’s isn’t quite as good as Katz but it’s damn close, which is saying something, plus eating at Monty’s is the exact opposite of an ordeal.

Monty’s is a dream for babies. It’s loud and busy and they made space for not one but two buggies with delight on our visit, whilst they fawned over our children. The booths are a tight squeeze though which makes it difficult (though not impossible) to give a bottle or boob.

What’s good? The Reuben and the blintzes.

Kid friendly? Oi vey, very. Especially for kids under one, but let them know in advance that you’re bringing a buggy or you need a highchair. Plus they have baby changing facilities.

✔️ highchairs available – the ikea ones
✔️ cool with breastfeeding – although as mentioned above the booths make it a bit tricky
✖️ loads of other parents
✔️ space for buggies
✖️ There’s a kids menu
✖️ toys/play area

Rating 🍼🍼🍼


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