James Cochran N1 Angel

I turned up to JCN1 for a lunch service during their soft launch and they weren’t actually open. Due to sheer kindness and luck and maybe a small amount of pity because I was on my own with my kid and wearing a questionable pair of dungarees they let me in anyway. The diamonds.

In the restaurant on this day there were some important big wigs having a tasting lunch plus little old me (and Max). I don’t think I’ve ever been treated more nicely in a restaurant. The maitre’d/manager stopped and chatted with me at length about his own baby so you’re guaranteed this is a safe place to bring a little person.

I’ve not been to Cochran’s East London digs but before that he was at The Ledbury which is an actual magical eating experience so I had faith that this would be good too. The restaurant is located inside the dinky shopping centre at Angel but once inside you will immeadiately forget this. With floor to ceiling windows looking over upper street, long stone banquet tables and leather booths in what sort of feels like a warehouse. Then the art. The art is real living, growing moss. I’m sort of glad there weren’t regular clientele in because I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t be cool enough to blend in. Not in those dungarees.

What’s good? That blue cheese donut for one. The crab eclair for two. Basically every small plate sounded like actual heaven to me.

Kid friendly? Without question.

✓baby change facilities

✓highchairs available

✓cool with breastfeeding

✗loads of other parents

✓space for buggies

✗children’s menu

✗toys/play area

Rating 🍼🍼🍼🍼



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