Radvent is the brain child of the very lovely @bonbonboz & @jasmineeec

A twist on the traditional advent calendar, which @bonbonboz created for her family.
They loved it so much they encouraged @bonbonboz to share it with others. Instead of just counting down the days until Christmas, take part in a fun, thoughtful, creative and festive activity each day.

This year, @bonbonboz & @jasmineeec are both busy in academia so they’ve kindly agreed to let me host Radvent. Each morning from December 1st to 24th on my instagram stories and twitter I will reveal the day’s activity.

I’ve attempted to schedule more involved activities at weekends when most people have a little more time but please don’t fret if you don’t want to take part in an activity or you need to delay it until another day. Take part as much or as little as you wish, even if that means simply looking at other people’s pictures under the hashtag on twitter or instagram. If you’d like to join in the fun please use #radvent2017 on your posts.

Prior to having my son I was never really much fussed about Christmas and then whilst I was pregnant I took part in #radvent2016. It helped me to reclaim the holiday for myself and my new family and made December a little more magical than it had been before. I hope by continuing this tradition the same magic can be spread to more people regardless of whether they have a traditional family, a chosen family or an internet community to share the holidays with.



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