The Dapper Mongoose Shawlands

New to the southern end of Kilmarnock Road in Shawlands or Shawlandia as some parts of the internet refer to it, due to its burgeoning hipsteryness is the delightful small plates serving Dapper Mongoose. Ok so yes it’s name is somewhat questionable BUT it’s very, very delightful so bear with me.

Maybe I’m biased because it’s the first place we’ve eaten out with both kids since Zelda was born. She asleep in the sling and Max on the kindle so no one cried and I was really expecting a lot of crying tbh. The fact that this didn’t happen has filled me with the confidence to go on writing this blog which I was both a bit worried about and also reluctant to let go of after three years of output.

I as ever, digress. The mongoose is all navy and gold and comfortable chairs and the menu reads very well. The staff are incredibly friendly and were not in anyway perturbed by the smaller members of our dining party. We went for lunch mid week without a reservation, a high chair and kids menu was promptly brought over and the staff sang some number blocks songs with Max whilst enquiring kindly about how much sleep I was getting with a two week old strapped to my chest.

I heartily welcome the arrival of this particular restaurant not just because it’s a lovely place to eat but because they do more than just brunch on the Southside – making them an anomaly amongst most of the restaurants in the area.

What’s good? The lamb nuggets with black aioli, the salt caramel tart (do not miss this, seriously), the burrata, the courgettes, the butter of the day. Why don’t more restaurants have a butter of the day? They should.

Kid friendly? Completely.

✓baby change facilities

✓highchairs available

✓cool with breastfeeding

✗loads of other parents

✓space for buggies

✓children’s menu

✗toys/play area

Rating ????

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