Hello! I’m Emily, mum, nurse and foods biggest fan. I started writing this blog when my son Max was 10 weeks old and I was desperately in need of a cocktail and some eggs benny. I had no idea where I could go that would accommodate this plan plus an infant.

Nearly three years on and my mission is still the same. I want to eat out with my kids, somewhere nice please. And also I’d like a cocktail. When the blog started it was based entirely in London but as we are about to relocate to Glasgow the reviews/home cooking options/travel tips will now be UK wide. Events are on hold until 2020 because I am hella pregnant right now but they will be back. You can expect to see us at Mama needs a Mimosa Meet up or a Babies who Lunch event in the following cities in the future: Glasgow, Edinburgh, London (and anywhere else that fancies having us!)


I don’t know about you but I’m not ready to entirely cast aside the person I was before I was a mum. That person loves to eat out, to try the latest new restaurant and to experience the great cuisine her city has to offer her. That person didn’t set foot in a Frankie & Benny’s before she had a child and she’s sure as hell not going to start now.

Mama needs a Mimosa came about because by Christ Mama DOES. This is a blog for foodie parents. Parents who want to maintain some semblance of the lifestyle they had before but aren’t sure where is going to be cool about their kid tagging along.

We use a rating system of 🍼 with a maximum of five 🍼 for the most baby friendly places and we’ll also review places it’s worth hiring a babysitter for.