Babies who Lunch –  Exclusive parent and baby dining experiences in highly rated restaurants across London.


What if you went out for a meal and every other diner was a parent too? And they had their baby with them as well. And the food was really good. And you could have a cocktail. And you didn’t need a babysitter. And no one’s neck snapped so fast they got whiplash when your baby cried.

Welcome to Babies who lunch. It’s really nice to meet you. Can I get you a drink?

Tickets for our May #babieswholunch at Vinoteca City with optional wine flights & OUR FIRST EVER WEEKEND EVENT (!) are available to purchase HERE. 


Mama needs a mimosa meet upsNot your Mother’s, ‘Mother’s Meeting’.

Come and meet some fellow foodie parents at kid friendly venues with great food. We use a ticketing system to make sure there’s always enough space for buggies and meet ups are always free to attend.

Tickets for our May free meet up will be available soon.

As soon as details are finalised for any Mama needs a Mimosa event they emailed to our mailing list and are advertised on twitter & instagram, if you follow the blog there, then you’ll be first to know.