Xu Chinatown 

I’m sure I’m biased because I love Bao so much but their new venture Xu is honestly phenomenal. The decor is beautiful, elegant, nostalgic and perfectly comfortable. I was a bit trepidatious about bringing my kid with me to this meal because I was dying to eat here and when I’d been past to check it out prior, it looked cramped from outside. It isn’t. I was also told that there was no provision for children whatsoever but this isn’t entirely true.

Yes, there’s no high chairs and no children’s menu but the staff are so gregarious, child friendly and accommodating, that if you bring a portable highchair or are happy for your little one to remain in their buggy, you’ll be just fine.

More than fine once you start eating. Oh my days. I was dazzled by everything I put in my mouth at Xu. I wish I’d gone with my gut and ordered more dishes.

What’s good? Insert full menu here with the Char Sui Iberico pork underlined. If you’re someone who normally isn’t very adventurous when it comes to things like cuttlefish, fish roe or bone marrow, I would relax at Xu and order boldly. Sometimes I get a little nervous with less orthodox ingredients too and every single thing I tried here was a delight.

Kid friendly? Completely for children under one. If your child is older, hire a sitter. It is beyond worth it. Thank me later.

✖️ highchairs available
✔️ cool with breastfeeding
✔️ loads of other parents
✔️ space for buggies
✖️ There’s a kids menu
✖️ toys/play area

Rating 🍼🍼🍼


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