The best date night restaurants (for when Grandma is visiting)

The focus of my blog has always been ‘fine and unexpectedly kid friendly’ dining. For the most part I think, what did I have this kid for if it I’m constantly plotting to leave him at home? But sometimes even I need a little romance, so this list is my top ten romantic dining options in London, for when grandma is visiting.

Bob Bob Ricard – the feel like a movie star one.

The button. It’s all about the press for champagne button at Bob Bob. Also the incredible service, the sexy dining room and the menu fit for a Russian oligarch.

The Ledbury – the serious foodie one.

The Ledbury is seriously pricey but the tasting menu is the stuff of legend. Everything is extraordinary. Also in for a penny in for a pound. Get the accompany wine pairings. You’ll be hammer but it’ll be the best night of your life.

Xu – the decor is as important as the food one.

Gorgeous Xu is designed to replicate cinema houses in 1930s Taiwan. It is beautiful and the food is fabulous. Now, I’m not advocating that you get up to any funny business while you’re out on date night but the loos in Xu are basically perfect for a quickie. I reiterate, I didn’t advocate that you do this ? (An aside, the actress in this gif is Chinese-American not Taiwanese but it was the most appropriate one I could find.)

108 Garage – the super trendy one.

Like a considerably more affordable version of The Ledbury, the tasting menu at 108 is top notch and the space is very cool. We broke a plate there once.

Les 110 de Taillevent – the old school French one.

110 has a sumptuous french menu, beautiful surrounds and a completely fool proof wine list. It’s exactly the sort of place for traditional romance.

The Holborn Dining Room – the one where you should stay the night.

The Holborn Dining Room is vast, the service excellent and the food wonderful. The head chef here is a pastry wizard. Leave full and trundle upstairs to bed. And a full 8 hours sleep.

Gunpowder – the edgy one.

Gunpowder is tiny and everything is spicy as hell. And great. Easier on the wallet than some of the previous restaurants on this list. You’ll leave sweaty but some people are into that.

Padella – the I’m on a budget one.

I love Padella for their wonderful freshly made pasta and their warm romantic space but also they won’t break the bank.

10 Greek Street – the reliable one.

I’m a recent convert to 10 Greek Street, a relaxed but hugely reliable restaurant. It’s small and pared back and everything on the menu sings with flavour.

Spuntino – the casual one.

Spuntino is essentially a New York dive bar but with food. It’s exactly the sort of place you should go to if you want to role play having a one night stand with your partner of 10 years.

Happy Valentine’s Day to all the Mums and Dads who’ve been reading. I hope you get Out Out this Wednesday ?

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