Pasta Evangelists review

In our household there are roughly four pasta dishes that we make in rotation throughout the month. Spaghetti Bolognese, Conchiglie with sausage & mustard, smoked salmon tagliatelle and macaroni cheese. I guess not that roughly then. There are four pastas that we make. We’re in a pasta rut. As a family, we are definitely interested in expanding our pasta horizons so we were pretty delighted to discover Pasta Evangelists, who very kindly sent us a box to try.

Pasta Evangelists are essentially an amazing Italian restaurant through your letterbox. Perfectly fresh pasta, inventive sauces and all the garnishes necessary to complete each dish. You can subscribe to receive vegetarian, gluten free, variety and gourmet boxes, with each box becoming slightly cheaper the more you order. It’s then delivered to your door on a day of your choosing from Tuesday to Saturday.

Once you crack the box open, you’re about 10 minutes away from restaurant quality pasta, the pasta itself takes no more than 4 minutes to cook and the instructions are foolproof. Charmingly, along with the instructions, they include details of the origins of the dish. Under the subscription service, you’re sent a menu of possible dishes to order the following week and we nabbed the Tonnarelli with salsa di noce which is a creamy walnut sauce.

Initially, I looked at the portion sizes and thought, I could eat a LOT more pasta than this but actually, once cooked up, it was quite generous, with just the right amount of sauce and parmesan provided.

Now, this subscription service isn’t the cheapest on the market but they have introductory discounts and you can subscribe for as little as one box per month containing 2 portions for about ¬£15.90. It’s of a considerably higher standard than most pasta coming your way in an Italian restaurant chain, all in the comfort of your home, in under 10 mins flat.


The Tonnarelli was delicious, so much so, I think even Max is now a convert.

Quality 5/5

Ease 5/5

Value 4/5



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