Duddell’s London Bridge

Duddell’s is beautiful. Absolutely beautiful. The restaurant decor seems designed to look marvellous on instagram and actually in real life it’s pretty marvellous too. All navy and millennial pink and emerald green, the restaurant is housed in a former church. And what do churches have – fantastic acoustics. Let’s now imagine how this might play out with a child who has decided that day to be extra loud.

Despite the fact that we were sat smack bang in the centre of the room and Max punctuated the end of each two minute interval by shouting, no doubt disturbing the other diners who had come along for an expensive and classy Cantonese lunch, the staff were SO BLOODY NICE. I almost wish they hadn’t been so nice because honestly it made me feel even worse about my child the noise box.

We attempted to enjoy our meal but Max needed constant interaction so I ate a lot of my food cold. It was still quite good despite this. It was however ££££. Worth noting in case you need to abandon your meal half way through because you kid will not be chill.

What’s good? The char siu pork with soy beans. The cocktail list.

Kid friendly? The staff and the amenities are 110% child friendly. The acoustics however make this a tough experience.

✓ baby change facilities

✓ highchairs available

✓cool with breastfeeding

✗ loads of other parents

✓space for buggies

✗ children’s menu

✗ toys/play area

Rating ???


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