Craft + Crumb review

If you follow the blog on Instagram it might surprise you to know that before I started doing this I’d baked about 4 cakes in my whole life. I am not the cook in my household. My husband is. I do not at all know what I am doing. I am absolutely blagging it in terms of anything that makes its way into the gram. Sometimes it might look alright but it doesn’t taste it and other times things I’ve baked go straight from the oven to the bin.

I got in touch with Craft + Crumb because they’re foolproof baking kits sounded like something I needed in my life and I was looking to celebrate having been running family foodie events for a whole year.


They very kindly agreed to send me one of their kits and I got down to business. Over several days. Here’s the best thing I learned from making this cake. You can freeze cake and it makes it easier to ice. You can make the cake in advance and keep it in the freezer until you’re ready to decorate it. I had no idea.

Craft + Crumb provide everything you need in the kits apart from butter and eggs. Even the pans which are disposable which makes it probably the least tidying up I’ve ever had to do after a pintrest fail. They also provide step by step instructions which I followed slightly too loosely, ending up with icing that wasn’t quite stiff enough to totally stay where I put it. Other than that it was a doddle. A total pintrest success. I would say however, where possible, decorate your cake on the day you need it and not the day before.

Craft + Crumb will post you a great kit to make an (almost) foolproof, delicious and very impressive looking cake that is considerable less expensive that getting a professional to craft one for you.

Quality 5/5

Ease 4/5

Value 5/5


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