Mommi Clapham

Last October I reviewed Mommi in Clapham because I was intrigued by their Japanese Peruvian fusion concept. You might remember the review, I sort of wrote it from the perspective of a nana. Mommi made me feel a bit old and out of touch because when I reviewed it last year it was definitely for young trendies and I have to face facts. I am not a young trendy. I’m a mum.

Mommi have since cottoned onto the fact that most of Clapham is also Mums and they’ve got a fantastic collaboration going on with the kids table who will entertain your over threes while you gorge yourself on one of their enormous roasts and a bloody Pisco. Ooft.

It’s still cool and dark and trendy but it’s more accessible and less scary than the last time I visited. Max was delighted to eat a Yorkshire pud from the kids menus mini roast as well as a significant number of sweet potato fries. Book ahead though because the area allocated for family brunch seats about 25 people and their collaboration with the kids table is already proving very popular.

What’s good? The roasts are pretty special.

Kid friendly? They’re actively encouraging you to bring children. What more could you want?

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