Nanban Brixton

I was so excited to eat at Nanban, their instagram looked banging and my husband and I planned to go for our wedding anniversary/first trip out without the baby. On the whole restaurants in and around Brixton Village aren’t overly child friendly due seriously limited space. Whilst inside the village, you can be seated at an outside space with a buggy, inside I have regularly knocked stuff off other people’s tables with my butt. Nanban is small like that. 

The meal started well, the cocktails were wonderful. Mine had an edible candied hibiscus flower in it which was delicious and I’m not normally keen on edible flowers. 

There was a small hiccup whilst we were ordering where the waitstaff talked me out of ordering a second small plate. The menu recommends 1-2 per person. I’d been very keen to try the bone in katsu which was part of the mains menu but had the instructions of adding sides to create a meal. I figured it would be safe to ask for it as a starter because it must be smaller, right? Wrong. The waitstaff said it would be too much and to order more after the ramen if I felt so inclined. I didn’t order the bone in katsu after my main not because I couldn’t fit it in but because I felt embarrassed. Hey ho. 

What’s good? The cocktails. 

Kid friendly? Nope and not worth splurging on a paid sitter. Try and get a relative to do it for free while you partake in their happy hour. ?

Overall rating ???

Beef Tataki – Thinly sliced, seared beef sirloin with sweet soy glaze, matcha-horseradish cream, garlic chips and daikon cress
Kumamoto Pork Ramen – Thin noodles in nose-to-tail rich pork broth with garlic chips, burnt garlic oil, pork belly, tea-pickled egg and pickled mustard greens
Nanbanana – Banana in miso black sugar butterscotch with cinnamon ice cream, kinako, walnuts, and crispy fried noodles

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