Pharmacy 2 Vauxhall

The original Pharmacy was by all accounts quite hard to get a table at and was cool as fuck, so I was pretty jazzed about visiting the sequel. Here’s the good news, it is very apparent that Damien Hirst and Mark Hix have got kids because this is a quirky and accommodating place to take ’em.

When Pharmacy 2 called to confirm the reservation, I let them know I’d be bringing the buggy and they were unexpectedly fine about it. There’s plenty of space, a lift and tonnes of stuff for a little pair of eyes to gawk at. They even have baby change facilities as they’re inside the Newport Street gallery. The bad news is the vibe is kinda weird in there and to my mind, a bit steep for what they’re offering.

There were only 3 other groups of diners when we arrived for lunch at 3pm on a Friday and it felt like there was an excess of nervous waitstaff trying to keep themselves busy. During our meal one of the members of staff appeared to be taken into an appraisal at an empty table three down from us and although we tried not to eavesdrop it was hard not to hear. The music is quiet and if you’ve got a kid who’s going through a shouty phase then it will not be muffled by the LCD Soundsystem and Arcade Fire playing.

What’s good? The cocktails, the apple pakoras paired with the duck curry, the pork chop, all the desserts – particularly the ricotta, honeycomb and raspberries.

Kid friendly? Surprisingly so. Go for a wander in the gallery as well and you’ve got a full day out.

✔  highchairs available

✔ cool with breastfeeding

✖️ loads of other parents

✔ space for buggies

✔ Kids menu

✖️ toys/play area, technically no but children will be entertained by the decor

Rating ????



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