In Borough Market no one can hear your baby scream

I’m in the process of organising a monthly event for foodie parents so I figured Borough Market might be a good place for a group of 10 people and their buggies based on memories I had of going there in 2004, childless.

I approached a cocktail bar in the market about holding the event there on a Monday morning when they admitted they were relatively quiet and was sadly told, “no thank you”.  Basically, they don’t need the business. Thinking about how busy the market can get and how difficult it can be to find a spot to shovel raclette into your face I’ve had an idea. What if I never try to go to Borough Market with my kid again, let alone 10 other parents and their buggies?

Instead we’ll be headed to Giant Robot in Canary Wharf, tickets available here. This place has everything we need in order of importance:

  1. A cocktail bar
  2. Free wifi
  3. Lifts
  4. Space for buggies
  5. Great street food
  6. Baby change
  7. Panoramic views
  8. London’s largest sky garden for exploring after lunch

Basically it’s perfect. HMU if you wanna come.


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