Duck & Waffle local Piccadilly

The original Duck & Waffle is based in Heron tower and has exceptional views of London. I went once and only on entering the elevator which is made of glass and tacked to the outside of the building did I realise how afraid of heights I am.

Thankfully they’ve opened another restaurant on street level which I like to think of as simply lower, cheaper and faster but otherwise just as excellent and inventive as it’s predecessor. There’s plenty of room for buggies, they were perfectly accommodating and the music is playing at a level where you can hear yourself speak but can barely detect your kid grizzling. Even if they yell, it shouldn’t disturb other diners.

What’s good? The burger. The broccoli. The desserts.

Kid friendly? Yes, especially for impatient tots. The service is lightening fast.

✔  highchairs available

✔ cool with breastfeeding

✖️ loads of other parents

✔ space for buggies

✖️ no kid’s menu but an adventurous kid will find something they like

✖️ toys/play area

Rating ????


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