Smokestak Shoreditch

Oh man. This place. Now, I’ve eaten a lot of BBQ. I mean a lot. This is the best I’ve had.

A powerful smell of smoking meat hits hard as you walk in, all the decor is dark and charred. The windows are greased with smoke. It’s very intentionally immersive, even the loos are full of harsh, rusted metal which is quite something. (My husband took photos) Each table has a spotlight above it making the place seem moody but also providing great light for photos which is fitting because the food here is the star. I lost count of how many times I said ‘holy shit’ whilst eating.

What’s good? The crispy ox cheek, jacket potato and brisket bun all made me swear.

Kid friendly? Yes. Although if it’s busy and the weather’s good I’d recommend an outdoor table and bring a travel highchair if your kid is ready to sit up.

✖️ highchairs available

✔️ cool with breastfeeding – it’s pretty dark

✔️ loads of other parents – at a 1.30 lunch I spotted two other under 1 year olds

✔️ space for buggies – as long as they’re not rammed.

✖️ There’s no official kids menu but if you’ve got an adventurous eater you’ll be fine

✖️ toys/play area

Rating ???



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