Cafe Murano Covent Garden

Full disclosure. My baby kicked off big time in this restaurant and everyone was completely nice about it. However, it made me anxious to the point that I had trouble enjoying my meal. Basically, I played baby-in-a-restaurant roulette and lost. 

Cafe Murano‘s dishes pop up on my instagram feed fairly often because of their simple photogenic elegance. The restaurant is upmarket but not overly fancy and the staff were happily accommodating of our buggy. All the dishes were beautifully plated and perfectly pleasant but (and it may have been because I was distracted trying to get my baby to stop screaming) I wasn’t really dazzled by any dish served.

What’s good? The desserts, especially the Panna cotta.

Kid friendly? Fairly. The staff made us feel welcome and there’s ample space but not much beyond that.

✔️ highchairs available but you’ll need to request one when booking
✔️ cool with breastfeeding
✖️ loads of other parents
✔️ space for buggies
✖️ There’s a kids menu
✖️ toys/play area

Rating ??


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