Gunpowder Shoreditch 

Brick lane reminds me of the Red Light district in Amsterdam but for curry. Gunpowder, however, just a short walk from Brick Lane is the complete antithesis of that kind of curry house.

Number 1. It’s tiny and very cramped. We tried to go with Max in the buggy and no way, fat chance etc. Number 2. It’s always busy. Even at 12.30pm on a Tuesday, be prepared to wait. Number 3. It’s banging. B.A.N.G.I.N.G. No wonder they called it Gunpowder.

There’s no need for the kid friendly rating system here because it’s not kid friendly in the slightest but it is very, very good. I would say take a date but it was pretty humid when we went and I literally sweated out my eyes. Our waiter had to check that I was ok and offered me yoghurt to cool off. Embarrassing but very sweet.

It’s a bunch of small plates to share, each of them kicking with spice and rich flavour, set against exposed light bulbs and brick. You’ll rub elbows with the diner next to you. They’ll laugh when you sweat literally on them, like I did.

What’s good? The lamb chops, the mustard broccoli, the aloo chat, the rum pudding.

No bottles but ?????


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