Oxo Restaurant Southbank

Oxo is light, spacious and tasteful, with a great view. It’s a class act.

I didn’t realise that there wasn’t any music playing in the restaurant until Max started to cry. Then it became very apparent. The staff took our wailing baby in their strides and were incredibly accommodating, however, we got a bit of side eye from some of our fellow diners.

Even with the side eye, this is an excellent fine dining option when you have children in tow, especially if they’re ready for a highchair. There’s baby changing facilities and a kid’s menu, plus the set lunch includes a glass of sparkling wine and is excellent value at this level of dining. The dishes were all delicate, intricate and beautifully presented.

What’s good? The Salmon paired with sauerkraut. The Venison with Stilton polenta and the blueberry and apricot cheesecake.

Kid friendly? Completely although the other diners aren’t so convinced. Ideally, time a nap well or have a baby that’s old enough to be entertained in a highchair because a meltdown will not go unnoticed here.

✔ highchairs available
✔ cool with breastfeeding
✔ There wasn’t loads of other parents but we were not the only table with a baby
✔ space for buggies
✔ There’s a kids menu
✖ toys/play area

Rating ????


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  1. I’ve always had a great meal at the Oxo restaurant and you can’t dispute one of the best views in London. Love the bar outside as well, especially in the summer 🙂 New desserts look given thank you!

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