Dip & Flip Battersea

The first I heard of a French Dip was as a special at Hawksmoor a few years back. They were renowned for them for a while and I was pretty obsessed because I can’t think of anything better than dunking a juicy meat filled sandwich into a bowl of gravy.

Cut to this afternoon when I was sauntering down Northcoat Road with the buggy and a spied a sign which read FRENCH DIP HERE. I should mention at this point that I never saunter anywhere and just take a risk on a restaurant I’ve never heard of. I spend a significant and perhaps unhealthy amount of my time scouring instagram, just opened, top 100 and every decent food critics lists of restaurants, working out where I should hit next. I won’t be on maternity leave forever and I don’t want to waste my time on average food. This is how much I love a french dip. So in we went.

Dip & Flip did not disappoint. The burgers were incredible. There’s nothing else to be said about it. Just go. Now. Jeez.

What’s good? The Lamb dip and the chocolate cherry ripe milkshake. Any Australian ex-pat will quite rightly lose their mind over that milkshake.

Kid friendly? Ish. I asked at the end of our meal about a highchair for subsequent visits (of which I anticipate many in my future) and the guy said they had one but it broke, he wasn’t sure if they were getting another one. There’s also a few steps to get into the place but you can get take out so no biggie.

✖ highchairs available
✔ cool with breastfeeding
✖ loads of other parents
✔ space for buggies
✖ There’s a kids menu
✖ toys/play area

Rating ???



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