64 Degrees Brighton

I took Max to Brighton for the day with grand plans of visiting more than one restaurant but as we all know, trying to leave the house with a baby takes 4 hours so when pressed I just went RIGHT WE’VE ONLY GOT TIME FOR ONE MEAL OUT AND WE BETTER MAKE IT GOOD. Off we trotted to 64 Degrees, recently ranked 30th best restaurant in the UK by a bunch of people who know what they’re talking about.

64 Degrees has 5 (FIVE) two seater tables and counter space. Dassit. It’s so small. Small enough that the first front of house we saw ummed and ahhed very hard about letting us in with the buggy but we stood at the door with big hopeful puppy dog eyes and eventually they worked it out.

On this day we played baby in a nice restaurant roulette and won but let me tell you it is a high stakes gamble, my friends. Once the buggy was parked I couldn’t get out without getting other diners to physically get up and move their seats. We were trapped and if Max had kicked off it could have been real bad. This is overall a terrible place to take a baby but a very very good restaurant. Not only were all our dishes extraordinary, I kept seeing food being put down in front of other diners and saying ‘we should have got that’. If you’re going to attempt to eat here with a small person, put them in a sling and pray.

The menu here is small sharing plates, they come out one at a time and it’s sort of like a choose your own tasting menu situation. They don’t publish a menu online and I expect it changes very frequently depending on what looks good that day. These guys have a Bib Gourmand from Michelin – it should be a star.

What’s good? The watermelon, the pork, sauerkraut and romesco sauce, the fettuccine with yolk.

Kid friendly? *grimaces* This place wasn’t cooked up with kids in mind and we struggled a little due to the size of the restaurant. HOWEVER, toward the end of the meal a different server took over our table and she was SO nice. As our final dish was placed on the table I asked for the bill because Max wasn’t going to put up with this restaurant malarky for more than another 30 seconds and dessert wasn’t on the cards. This wonderful woman then brought our palate cleanser – a luscious mango sorbet – into the street and held the plate while I ate it with one hand and sorted out the buggy with the other. What a diamond. Give her a raise.

✖ highchairs available

✖ cool with breastfeeding – 64 Degrees is small and diners close together so if you’re shy about it I’d pump instead

✖ loads of other parents

✔ There is space for precisely one buggy if you ask very nicely and make puppy dog eyes

✖ kids menu

✖ toys/play area

Rating ??




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