Elephant – John Lewis Rooftop Oxford Circus

Who knew that Oxford Circus John Lewis had an accessible rooftop with a quaint English garden on it? I didn’t. However, I follow the head chef of Elephant, the reknowned Torquay restaurant, on Twitter and he mentioned that Elephant would be paying London a visit, so I started paying attention.

Elephant is, as to be expected due to its usual location, focussed on seafood. The waitstaff are very warm and accommodating and the whole situation surrounding their residency is overwhelmingly pleasant.

I was feeling rather pleased with myself for having stumbled across what is essentially a secret garden when several wasps became interested in my main course. It seems I’ve developed a phobia to them, since visiting a lavender farm earlier this year and now they cause me to hug myself, close my eyes and shriek, which is as embarrassing to witness as it is to be doing in the first place. If you are like me, sit indoors. If you are brave, go and bask in the garden, it’s wonderful.

What’s good? The black garlic aioli and cold water prawns. The garlic is slow roasted for 45 days, I’ve never tasted a better sauce. The crab and bantam egg is also lovely and fresh. Go before the residency ends on September 24th.

Kid friendly? Utterly. You can sit outside, appealing to us as Max is going through a loud phase (until the wasp situation). Everything is fully buggy accessible and the rooftop is spacious. The garden is also an enclosed area where you could let an older child have a wander. They’ve got little summer houses packed with curiosities to explore too. Plus a whole John Lewis kids section, baby change and parents room on the floor below.

✓baby change facilities

✓highchairs available

✓cool with breastfeeding, there are private spaces in the department store to feed also

✓loads of other parents

✓space for buggies

✗children’s menu

✓toys/play area

Rating 🍼🍼🍼🍼




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