Mommi Clapham 

Mommi is a Japanese and Peruvian fusion restaurant because ceviche and sashimi are sort of the same, right? Sorry. That’s a bit mean. This place is actually very cool but there’s no lunch service so if you want to take your kids then it’ll need to be for weekend brunch which I imagine is heaving.

I imagine I’m not their target market, like I say this place is very cool. Sort of like a club. Or like restaurants used to be in Sex and The City. It’s all booths and loud trendy music and young beautiful waitstaff and raw fish. I don’t think the staff at Mommi knew what the hell I was doing there eating a number of sharing plates alone at 5.30 on a Thursday afternoon.

Mommi currently have a deal on where if you dine before 7pm on a weeknight it’s 40% of your food bill. I doubt they have trouble filling the restaurant later in the evening because that’s when trendy people eat and I am in bed.

What’s good? I much preferred the Peruvian influenced dishes. The pork belly with sweet potato and corn purée was very fine. Almost every other dish I ate seemed to have raw samphire on it which, in theory, I’m not opposed to but it seemed a little over used. There were also several signs and a reminder from my waiter that all dishes are gluten free which I assume is important to people in their twenties these days.

Kid friendly? Sort of.

✗baby change facilities

✓highchairs available

✓cool with breastfeeding – it’s quite dark

✗loads of other parents

✓space for buggies

✗children’s menu

✗toys/play area

Rating ??


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