Bread Meats Bread West End Glasgow

A lot of people told me to go to Bread Meats Bread. Like a lot. Everyone in Scotland is losing their mind over this place. And it’s ok. The decor is pleasantly up market like a nice Byron Burger or a GBK or maybe even a Hache. I over ordered due to hype and I blame hype for me not liking Bread Meats Bread as much as I could have if I’d found it by accident and everyone wasn’t gushing about it constantly. My expectations were too high.

Here’s the rub, the burgers are overcooked. I am a disgusting London food blogger and I demand a pink pattie. Sorry. But you know, not sorry. Also, because I am a disgusting London foodblogger, I foolishly expected a menu item named ‘Maple bacon donut’ to be somewhat fancier than the plain toasted donut with american cheese and bacon which I received. Again, I know everyone is obsessed with bacon but this ‘sandwich’ was quite dry and very salty and I really though it was going to be much more soft and stuffed and oozy than it turned out to be. I’ll probably get death threats for saying this because that’s how much people love bacon.

What’s good? The poutine is lush and it’s a comfortable place to eat with a lot of options to suit almost everyone.

Kid friendly? Sooooo kid friendly. We didn’t have Max with us but they have everything you need to wrangle a baby.

✓baby change facilities

✓highchairs available

✓cool with breastfeeding

✓loads of other parents

✓space for buggies

✓children’s menu

✗toys/play area

Rating ????


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