Rabbit Chelsea

Rabbit was not conceptualised with children in mind. The restaurant is a narrow L shape, there are no highchairs and you can barely fit an adult human in their loos, let alone a fold away baby change unit. However, this is not to say that you can’t take your kid here because once you arrive, there’s space for about two buggies and the staff are ecstatic about little people.

The restaurant is warm, pleasantly cluttered, all browns and yellows and has the exact kind of music that a 34 year old woman like myself with vaguely alternative tastes is into, e.g. Johnny Cash/Elliot Smith/Grizzly bear et. al. There is a lot of untreated wood and corrugated iron, it makes sense I guess because the owners are clearly keen on sheds, I mean, they named their other restaurant that so I’m taking it as evidence that they love a good shed.

The service here is excellent, warm, friendly and kind. They really loved Max, he is still teething like a mofo and we had to work pretty hard to entertain him but our servers were keen to get involved with some Peekaboo. He had a serious munch on some of their stonking 22,003 day old starter wild yeast bread and malted barley butter.

Rabbit is billed as a British wild food, farm to table and nose to nail sort of venture, what this translates to is an array of really interesting dishes. The best news though for parents, is they’ll be part of the new development run by the pergola group, which is set to be far more accessible and kid friendly, so if you’re not brave enough to squeeze in here you can still try out their menu soon.

What’s good? The gin cured trout with dulse mayo and lumpfish caviar & the venison cigars with tarragon mayo and pickled rapeseeds were both excellent, but I was really delighted with the baharat spiced cauliflower, mint yoghurt and pickled raisins. The restaurant feels informal but there is some serious cooking going on.

Kid friendly? It’s not impossible.

✗baby change facilities

✗highchairs available

✓cool with breastfeeding

✗loads of other parents

✓space for buggies

✗children’s menu

✗toys/play area

Rating ??

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