Eggslut Notting Hill

In 2016 shortly before we were married, Gavin and I went to LA. I’ve wanted to eat at Eggslut since then. I never made it before the wedding so I was pretty jazzed to hear they were opening in London.

It’s a simple menu/concept. Burgers with eggs done good. There’s one menu item that’s just eggs alone in a little pot that personally I think is best avoided but the burgers are perfection. Stuffed with gooey American cheese and egg yolk that will run down your arm.

The space is tight for buggies but not impossible, the most annoying thing is that the tables upstairs are all high, apart from two at the back which were consistently occupied. But there’s more space downstairs that no one seems to know about and this is where I would hide with the kids and a runny eggy burger. Top tip. Give the kids one of their warm chocolate chip cookies and they will sit in awed silence devouring them, giving you plenty of time to eat your stuff too.

What’s good? The sausage, egg and cheese. The Fairfax. The cookies.

Kid friendly? I mean, no but it is survivable.

✓baby change facilities

✔️highchairs available – you have to request one from the staff though. I couldn’t see any

✓cool with breastfeeding

✗loads of other parents

✓space for buggies

✗children’s menu

✗toys/play area

Rating ???


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