2019’s best inadvertently kid friendly London openings

The ever terrifying passage of time has again brought us to December and to round up lists. I’ll be signing off after this post until February 2020 while I get to grips with having two kids but below you’ll find the most exciting newly opened in 2019 London restaurants to tide you over throughout January that will also tolerate your children. Bon apetite and guten flug pals.

Wild Honey

The very upmarket, by Haymarket, Wild Honey does the best cacio e pepe in the city. It also has high chairs, baby change and bend over backward for you waitstaff who will tolerate the under 5’s like they mean it. As it’s part of a hotel, they’re kind of obligated. Full review here.


2019’s most gauche, silly and wonderful restaurant, is tight on space but will still feed you and your kiddos. All the portions at the Shoreditch eurotrash throwback are comedically enormous or served in a giant wheel of cheese. They got a cocktail in a glass with breasts on it. It’s a lot of fun. Full review here.

Arcade Food theatre

The swankiest of London’s new food courts, smack back next to Tottenham Court Road Station is both spacious and speedy enough to accommodate all manner of small fries. There’s a wide variety of deeply hip kitchens including the infamous TaTa Eatery and their katsu sando, they’re on the mezzanine but there’s a lift so don’t sweat it.

Loyal Tavern

Lovely, earthy, friendly but fancy pub grub from ex duck and waffle chef in Bermondsey. Plenty of space, high chairs and the most incredible crispy chicken skin with blue cheese dip. They also make their own chocolate fudge in house which appears on the table post dessert. We told them they should sell the stuff by the box when we visited so hopefully they listened. Full review here.

Lina Stores

Dreamy new Lina Stores in King’s Cross is as beautiful as it is delicious. Ample buggy space, high chairs and the waitstaff will call you Bella. There’s also a deli if you want to take fresh pasta home with you too. Full review is still in the works and will be published in February 2020.


Ok so it’s tiny but they’ve got highchairs and baby change and a really decent egg and sausage bun. Plus the most incredible warm dark chocolate cookies this side of the Atlantic. Full review here.

*Honourable mentions go to Seven dials market, the new Mercato Metropolitano, Vinegar yard and Market Halls Oxford Circus the capitals newest street food endeavours that I’ve not visited yet but are reported child friendly. Go, let me know what you think for when I’m next in London with a newborn and a threenager *Edvard Munch’s the scream face*


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